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Wholistic Health

Wholistic Health  is a Natural approach that doesn't view the body, mind and spirit as separate entities. It is also comprised of the East Indian System called Ayurveda. Wholistic Health only  promotes drugs and surgery when absolutely necessary and after other solutions have been exhausted.  It seeks to discover the underlying causes of symptoms, rather than just covering up them with  drugs.

The body, mind, and Spirit are not independent of one another.  They are intertwined.  What affects one affects the others.  A philosophy that focuses on only one aspect of the whole is certainly incomplete. 

Ayurveda (pronounced Aa-yer-vay-da) is a timeless healing art and science.  It emphasizes the importance of maintaining body, mind, and Spirit awareness.  In Ayurveda, the totality of life's journey is considered to be Sacred.  Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word.  "Ayu" means life or daily living.  "Veda" means knowing.  Ayurveda is the knowing/science of daily living or longevity.  It is considered to be the oldest complete wellness system in the world and the foundation of all others.

Ayurveda was first recorded in The Vedas, which one of the world's oldest text.  The system of Ayurveda contains wisdom gathered from healers the world over.  This knowledge was preserved in India and has been a part of daily life there for over 5,000 years.

Ayurveda assist you in realizing your best health through daily routine, proper conduct, herbs, Spiritual Truths, and much more.  Ayurvedic Consultations are uniquely designed to address your individual body, mind, and Spiritual Constitution.

Ayurveda can be successfully practiced by everyone.


Whole Life Wellness Consultations


* Body/Mind Constitution Analysis
  (Evaluates your body type & thoughts to Help achieve Optimun Health)

* Self-Healing Remedies
  (Nutrition, Exercise, & Herbs)

* Health Maintainance
  (On-going Healing Regiment)

* Proper Lifestyle
  (Establishing Beneficial Daily Habits)


 Energy Treatment      

* Prana (Breath Work)
  (Breathing to increase Energy & Circulation)

* Reiki
  (Increases Proper Energy Flow in Body)

* Meditation & Visualization
  (Healing Imagery & Sounds) 



Living Space alignments (Vastu)

* Analysis of energy in your home

* Analysis of energy in your work space

* Safely aligning your living space




Professional Spa Foot Care             

Provides better circulation, relaxation, and much more!

Helps facilitates your body's natural healing process.

Helps promote natural functioning of related areas of the body.







~Healthy Answers in a Time of Healing~



 Consultatons Conducted

The Moundbuilder

Joseph L. Jones Jr

Certified Ayurveda Educator




       Initial Consultation only $85.00!!!

Follow-Up Just $65.00!!


Make the commitment to take back your Health


All consultations are designed to specifically meet your unique individual needs in healing and growth.  The goal is to help you achieve your greatest results.  It is well worth the effort and I work with you to ensure that you accomplish your goals.  You will get results!