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Moundbuilders, is the name given to the ancient ones who built great structures, civilizations, and standards. Today we use that same theme to help you build your best Health, Wealth, and Life Success. The answers are within you. Our job is to inspire and assist you in bringing forth your absolute best.

Joseph L Jones Jr. (Yusuf Kabayur I.M.H.O.T.E.P) is a Life/Lifestyle, Personal Development, and Wholistic Life Wellness Consultant. He is also a Researcher, Metaphysician, and Visionary Entrepreneur. Joseph has worked in Leadership training, Mentorship programs, and projects dedicated to the uplifting of humanity. He has traveled to Northern India, Egypt, The Caribbean, Mexico, Holland, and around America.  In so doing, he has obtained specialized insight to assist in his work.  Joseph works to make sure you joyfully maximize the moments of your precious life. He has assisted many for over 20 years.



* Life Coach by Bradley Thompson
* Ayurvedic Nutrition Educator by Ven. Losang Jinpa (Ayurveda Healing Arts Center-CA)
  (5000 Year Old East Indian Healing System That helps restore You to Optimum Health)
* Karuna Ki Master by Terri Hodges (Synchronicity-GA)
  (Compassionate Heart Energetic Healing System Training)
* Atmu Ra Master by Dr. Bill Pinder (Celestial Radiance-GA)
  (Transformative Balancing using the Energy of the
* Usui Reiki Master by Maiysha Clairborne (Reiki Center-GA
  ("Palm Healing"/Laying on of Hands Training System)
* Reflexologist by Rev. Radine AmenRa (Quantum Leap Center-GA)
  (Touch Technique on the feet that helps produce stress relieve & more Throughout the Body)

Graduate of The Institute for Divine Wisdom's 3 year Masters Program by Dr. Lycurgus Muldrow and Elder Audri Scott Williams.  Trained in Healing Touch with Ines Hoster of The Colorado Center for Healing Touch.  

He has served as a member of the Complimentary Alternative Medical Association (C.A.M.A) and The Georgia Reflexology Organization (G.R.O).

He conducts interactive workshops, retreats, classes, and services in various wellness disciplines.  The importance of bringing forth your best self and your best wealth is always emphasized.  He makes himself available for workshops, classes, engagements, and services.      


Real Estate Agent, Realtor - Florida
Life & Health Insurance Agent - Florida


Contact Info:

201 706-1648




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